Lead to Victory!

Lead to Victory!

Randall Nielson, Sport

There are many sports that people like to play, and basketball is sure a popular one. On the 7th-grade boy’s team, there are about 30 kids signed up for basketball. Basketball hasn’t been this popular in the past at Cody Middle School, but it sure is this year. (See roster below.) The A team is undefeated(7-0), with no team even coming within 10 points of beating them. The B team is 6-1 with their only loss coming to Powell. The C team is 0-2 with their losses coming to Powell and Lovell. The C team consists of some 7th graders as well as 8th graders.

Every team plays a certain way. The A and C teams have lots of height. This enables them to run different plays, and it lets them have a different style of play. The B team doesn’t have a lot of height. They tend to rely on steals and shooting, but they don’t rebound as well as the A and C teams do. The A team coach is Pat Nieters, the B team coach is Mike Denning, and the C team coach is Kelly Merager. Most people that are on one of the teams this year love basketball. Isaac Wood says that he likes the drills that the team does in practice because they will help make him better. He also is excited about next year because he knows that he will be a better player.

Overall, almost everyone likes basketball this year, no matter what their record is, or no matter how much they score. Wyatt Barton says that he has fun because everyone has a lot of playing time, and that he is looking forward to playing his next games. This shows that most people don’t care how many points they score, they only want to play. After all, the main reason people signed up for basketball was to play, right?


Arizmendy, Joseph

Bogardus, Logan

Booth, Bob

Contreras, Tavio

Fales, Carter

Houze, Hadrian

Hulet, Cutter

Kingston, Caleb

McColl, Damian

Patterson, Matthew

Wood, Isaac

Livingston, Carter

Jochems, Josiah

Contreras, Exciver

Frey, Chase


Beardall, Jarom

Bailey, Townsend

Bailey, Myles

Ball, Maddax

Barton, Wyatt

Boswell, Conner

Christler, Jarrett

Gail, Carter

Gallagher, Liam

George, Grant

Hazel, Jaxon

McCarten, Grady

Morris, Colter

Nelson, Weston

Nielson, Randall

Petersen, Owen

Ray, Carter

Sorensen, Warren

Spomer, Trevor

Thompson, Carter

Thurmond, Roan

Ungrund, Dylan