Hats or no Hats that is the Question

Micah Grant, Feature

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There has been a “No Hats in School” rule ever since most of us were in kindergarten. People always ask one question about this rule, Why? The answer they get from some teachers is that it is disrespectful. Lots of people feel differently about this rule.

According to the student handbook “The purpose of the school dress code is to help maintain an environment free from distraction and is conducive to student learning.” Sixth-grade student Kannon Grant says “I think we should be able to wear hats in school, it’s not like we’re in the olden days whenever you go to someone’s house you take off your hat and say ‘Good Day.’” 

“ I think that the rule is kinda dumb,” says 8th-grader Henry Switzer, “ I wear my hat a lot, and when I’m at school I feel like I’m bald.” Hat day is always a student favorite event, paying a dollar to wear a hat is a pretty good deal to most. So what do you think, Hats or No Hats?