Nothin’ but Net

Nothin' but Net

Kelsey Pomajzl, Feature

Basketball is a very popular sport. The middle school boys play in the winter. The first practice for the eighth grade boys was on January 6th. There is an A team, a B team, and a C team that plays with the 7th graders.The coaches this year are Coach Tuten, Coach Roemmich, and Coach Helvey. The first game was January 18th against Thermopolis. The tournaments are February 22nd for the B team and February 29th for the A team. 

One player is Conner Moss. He said that he started playing basketball in 1st grade. His favorite thing about basketball is winning. Ty Peterson, who plays wing, is another player this year. He started playing basketball when he was 6. When asked what his favorite thing about basketball was, he said “probably the teamwork.” Ty also said that his team sometimes works together well. Upcoming games are February 8th against Thermopolis and Worland in Powell. The next home game is February 13th at 2:30 against Powell. 


Coach Tuten

Coach Roemmich

Coach Helvey

A.J Baustert #1

Barrett George #33

Benjamin Stewart #25

Braydin Ray #0

Brendan Prior #34

Carter Livingston

Chase Frey

Christian Douglass #5

Conner Moss #3

Conner Snodgrass #10

Derek Davis #24

Dominic Spomer #13

Eli Jonhson #2

Exciver Contreras 

Garrett Henry #45

Gavin Spiering

Henry Switzer #53

Jace Jarrett #23

Jacob Ball #4

Josiah Jochems

Landen Gallagher #52

Logan Class #22

Lukus Morris #11

Richie Bates #14

Trey Schroeder #20

Ty Peterson #21

Zyler Gillespie #9

Manager: Rachel Bruce

Manager: Raegen Staggs