From Our Counselors’ Office

Mrs. Kori Black, Special Guest Writer

I’m So Blue

Have you ever heard of Seasonal Affect Disorder or SAD?  SAD is when you feel depressed due to changes in the seasons.  Most often this occurs in the winter months.  You might feel moody or tired and not interested in things you normally like to do.  Maybe it is hard to focus and you’re having trouble sleeping. 

According to Mayo Clinic, SAD is likely due to not getting enough sunshine which can interfere with chemical productions in the brain as well low levels of Vitamin D3 in your body.   Your body actually makes Vitamin D in the deep layers of your skin when exposed to sunlight. 

Individuals who suffer from SAD are often treated with light boxes, therapy, and medications. 

Some things you can do for yourself in the winter to fight the blues is get plenty of natural sunlight and make sure you are getting Vitamin D in your diet.  This includes fatty fish like tuna and salmon as well as eggs and fortified foods.  Fortified means Vitamin D has been added to the food like in milk or cereals.. 

My personal suggestion is head to the great outdoors and ski, snowshoe or hike and then have a big mug of hot chocolate.