Grey’s Anatomy


Abigail, St. Clair

Grey’s Anatomy is a television show that follows the lives of doctors, mainly Dr. Meredith Grey. In this show, Meredith, Derek, and other doctors go through angry patients, relationship issues, and dramatic life events. Throughout 16 seasons Meredith deals with losing friends and family but manages to push through and become one of the best general surgeons and win multiple awards. The show takes place mostly at the hospital where they work named Seattle Grace later named Grey-Sloan Memorial hospital.

I choose this tv show because there are multiple seasons and it’s one of my favorite tv shows. I like how you have so many seasons so it takes you a while to finish it. I really like this show and all the characters in it. One of my favorite parts is how the show kept you interested in it by throwing in new characters and disasters. Although, I would have stopped the show earlier instead of dragging out into 16+ seasons.