Hide & Seek with infinity stones


Micah Grant, Grant

Avengers: Endgame was the much anticipated sequel to the 2018 cliffhanger Avengers: Infinity War. After Thanos erased half of the universes population, the Avengers Search for a way to get them back. When Scott Lang (a.k.a. Ant-man) shows up on their doorstep they start to make a plan: They will use the shrinking technology to travel back in time to find all of the Infinity stones. 

For some Endgame had a satisfying ending while for others sad and disappointing. A good thing about this movie is like all Marvel movies (except Infinity war) the good guys win. Sadly the bad things about this movie pile up, Iron Man dies, Captain America turns into an old man, and many more. To me Avengers Endgame was an action packed, amazing, disappointing, and depressing all at the same time.  But I am still giving it: