Dragons Earn Pure Freedom

Dragons Earn Pure Freedom

Abel Cordero, Feature


In the beginning of How to Train Dragons: The Hidden World, everyone is used to dragons as companions. In the land of Berk in the year of the Middle Ages, Hiccup (the protagonist and 1st dragon vessel user), is faced with a skilled threat… a man named Grimmel. Now, it is up to the dragons and humans alike to deal with this nuisance in a funny, family-appropriate romance. 

It’s an action pack FRIENDLY movie! That isn’t something you see every day, and it’s still funny as well. 


In this amazing movie, Hiccup is determined to find and destroy a dragon trophy hunter named Grimmel. Grimmel is an extremely skilled man and is proven difficult to deal with. It really is an amazing show and it really does never get old. It’s definitely one of my all-time favorites. It’s got action, comedy, a splash of romance and drama! Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with the show at all. It’s really really good. I definitely suggest it.