The Merciless

Abigail Fullmer, Reporter

The Merciless is about a girl named Sofia who moves to a new town. She meets two distinct people: Riley Howard and Brooklyn Stevens. These two draw her into events that lead to an exorcism. The reason is that Riley believes that Brooklyn is possessed by the devil. Throughout the book, it talks about Sofia’s struggles of being stuck in a house with her 4 friends. All of them make some questionable actions that lead Sofia Flores to question which of them is possessed. Many events lead to them escaping but not without casualties.

I chose The Merciless because I had heard great reviews from close family and friends who had read it. This book is not for those with a weak stomach, those who cannot handle very detailed gore. This is a good read for those who can easily hop into a book and stick with it. Though the book was descriptive and gave detail that you might not have wanted, it leaves you wanting to know what happens next with a very encrypted cliff hanger. There are 4 books in this series and you get drawn into the life of Sofia Flores.