The Miracle Season (of volleyball)

Kennedy Brown, Reporter

The Miracle Season is a movie based on the true story of the 2011 West High School’s volleyball team. After the devastating loss of the star player Caroline Found, the team is motivated to win the state championship for “Line”. 

The Trojans have been undefeated the past year and the city is hoping to see that again. During a party at Line’s house, Line decides to sneak away to visit her mother, who is being treated for cancer. That night Line is killed in a moped accident. 

The movie showed me that you have to power through the rough times. I chose this movie because I love volleyball, and it was a great movie to watch with my teammates. The Miracle Season shows that anything is possible with teamwork. My critique is it got confusing at some points during the movie. My overall rating for The Miracle Season is… ⬤⬤⬤⬤⚪