Kash Merritt, Editor

It’s around you every day as a middle schooler. Most people don’t like it, so why not put a stop to it? In my opinion, swearing or cussing is not needed anywhere. Most people do it to impress their friends, others just to do it. Cursing is one of the dumbest things someone could do, and it is heavy at the middle school. Right now the teachers and staff are cracking down on the profanity giving out more severe punishments if you are caught. Sure they’re not going to stop it all, but at least we can stop listening to it less and less.

Most students in our community, and at our schools have tried to stop seeing the error in their ways. But some just won’t do it. I for one want to hear less of it, and eventually stop it. But here’s the thing I know we will never stop it completely. Most people around me and other students have no self control over themselves, so they probably will be caught multiple times a day. I just do not see the reason why most people think you need to use that kind of language when you just sound stupid to other people.

I assure you though that many people might stop if they get caught and their parents find out. Swearing will get you nowhere in life, so why do it? Just stop.  🛑