Stay out of his Bubble

Alyssa Despain, Reporter

In the book Bubble, an 11 year old boy named Joe has lived his whole life in a bubble (hospital room) in England because of a disease he has. He is not allowed to go outside at all or he will die. His nurse believes in aliens and talks nonsense to him all the time. The nurse really wants to help Joe get out of the bubble, so he makes him a special suit that will hopefully allow him to go outside and see the world. It does not go well. He struggles to breathe afterwards and has to have many different medicines that make him woozy. No one knows how long it will be till Joe is free, or if he’ll even make it.

Bubble gets exciting when the male nurse takes Joe out of his room leaving his life in risk. The reader worries that something bad will happen, and it does. I think this book was pretty good. It left you in suspense and was always making you wonder what was going to happen next. A lot of the book is just talking in the hospital room to the nurse, so it seemed very long. If they would have had more action leading up to the big event, attention would have been grabbed even more. Bubble did do a good job of giving details on everything happening and showing how each character is feeling.  I give this book the following rating: