‘Tis the Ski-son

Fina Blain, Sports

Classic skiing is also known as Nordic skiing originated from the Northern Scandinavian countries. Nordic skiing was first used by Scandinavians to travel across the winter landscape to gather supplies and hunt game. The skis, however, were not made for speed like the ones today, they were made to keep the person on top of the snow. It wasn’t until the early 1800s that skiing evolved into a sport. Sondre Norheim invented Nordic Skiing. He was very poor and had six children to provide for. Norheim was the first to use heel bindings and he was the first to create and use side cuts. Side cuts are easier to turn with because of the narrow middle became the prototypes for our modern-day skis. He did not become nationally known until he was 42, he was competing in Iverslokken in Christiania in 1868. Sondre demonstrated the Telemark turn and the parallel turn during the competition. Sondre Norheim died in 1897.

Coach Campbell will be coaching the middle school’s ski team this year. She has coached Nordic Skiing for three years and volunteered a year before. The middle school’s ski team is a feeder to the high school’s nordic ski team. Coach Campbell is the assistant high school coach however, she mostly works with the middle school’s team. Nordic Skiing will start the week of December 15.