They Say You Can’t Buy Happiness, Yet You Can Buy a Ski Pass

Ada Nelson, sports

The snowflakes flutter down one by one. You look down at the slope ahead of you covered in a fluffy, thick, white blanket of snow. With excitement whirling inside of you, your skis start to swiftly move over the snow, almost as if they are cutting butter. The feeling of being alive hits you like a brick wall! Many CMS students and staff love the sport of skiing. Organized skiing has been around since the 18th century but skiing in general has been around since who knows when!

Avryl Haas, a 7th grade CMS student, is one of the Junior World-Class ski racers for Montana’s Best. “I love skiing because it makes me feel free, and I am just so happy when I am skiing!” Haas has been skiing since she was 16 months old! She skis a lot at the Red Lodge Ski Area.

Sadie Jackson, a 6th grade CMS students, has been skiing since three. “I enjoy skiing because it’s kind of just a time I get to be free, enjoy the outdoors, and have fun!” When asked what her favorite kind of skiing is, Jackson explained that she likes just skiing in general. Jackson spends most of her skiing hours on the Red Lodge ski hill, although she would like to get to Sleeping Giant more often than she does.

Richie Bates, an 8th grader who attends CMS, loves to ski at Sleeping Giant because it’s small and there is lots of good powder stashes. Bates has been skiing for about 11 years. “I love to backcountry ski!” Bates remarked. Bates enjoys skiing because of how much fun he thinks it is!

Allie Broussard, another 8th grade CMS student, loves to go fast on the ski hill! Broussard has been skiing before the age of two. She enjoys ski racing, and freestyle skiing at Sleeping Giant.

Skiing is a great outdoor, winter activity. If you ever have a free weekend, the ski hill is a great place to be!