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Have you ever thought about what it would be like to go to school in a different country? In Switzerland, the standard of education and the international schools are thought very highly of, even when compared to the rest of Europe. The education system in Switzerland is not only one of the best in Europe, it continually ranks in the top 10 world wide. Public schools costs are free, as they are funded by very high tax rates. In Switzerland, the cantons are responsible for their education system, not the government. 


The education is so similar between public and private school, that only 5% of the Swiss population participate in private school. Homeschooling is also not common in Switzerland. If a child needs schooling taught in a different language, then they should look into private or international schools. The cost to get into a private school ranges between 9,000—30,000 CHF (9,090—30,300 USD) for day classes, and  70,000—90,000 CHF (70,700—90,900 USD) for boarding school. A bonus of private school is that the class sizes are smaller, where in public school the class size averages about 20 students. 




The ages of each level of school are:

Kindergarten- 4-6 years old

Primary School- 6-12 years old

Lower Secondary- 12-15 years old

Upper Secondary- 15-18 years old


Kindergarten is mandatory in Switzerland, and a child may have to go for 2 years depending on where they live. Primary school lasts for 7-8 years, also depending on where you live. They learn the general subjects, math, writing, and literature. Students have to take a test at their graduation, which determines their track for secondary school. Many of the parents hire tutors to help study for this test as most of the test material is not taught in primary school. There are several factors that determine where your child will go to school. One of the main factors is your canton(where you live). In Zurich, for example, parents have the option to enroll in standard secondary school, or they can go to lang gymnasium. In standard secondary school students can choose a learning specialty to focus on, and lasts 3-4 years. In a lang gymnasium, school lasts for 6 years, and prepares students for specialized careers. To get into the lang gymnasium students have to first pass an entrance exam. In the upper secondary schools the subjects are math, science, classical languages, economics, music, art, and sports.

The school year in Switzerland the school year starts between mid-August and mid-September. They have two terms, and they get around 12 weeks off for holidays. The school days go from 8:30 to 11:30 am, and then again at 1:30 to 4 pm. At some schools, the children have to go home for lunch. There is no dress code for students in Switzerland. 


The grades in Switzerland are based on a six point scale:


5.5-Very Good 






2.5-1-Very Poor  


Overall, going to school in Switzerland would be an adventure worth trying!  


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