Ada Nelson, Feature

Can you imagine being done with school about this time of year! Well in Argentina, students have school from March to December. They have about 200 days of school in that time period. Saturdays are usually used for extra curricular activities. Before primary school, students have to go through pre-school. Students then have the option of whether they want to  have six years of primary school, and six years of secondary school, or they can choose to have seven years of primary school and five years of secondary school. If the students desire to go to college, then they may. Either way, students are required to complete 13 years of school counting their pre-school. Their school day goes from 7:15A.M. until 1:00P.M.

Students in secondary school are allowed to wear what clothes they desire. Primary students are required to wear white smocks, a loose, dresslike piece of clothing, but the students can wear their choice of clothes under their smock.

Like all other schools around the world, schools in Argentina have rules. Students are instructed to make hand gestures toward each other when they are on opposite sides of the room, the teachers think it’s rude to yell across the room. Another rule states that everyone has to kiss one another on the cheek when casually greeting them. Highschool teachers are not expected to have a good reason for playing hooky. They can skip when ever they want.

There are so many classes offered to students in Argentina. Some of the classes available photography, cooking classes, economic studies, and journalism, then there are classes like mathematics, language arts, social studies, science, and physical education that are required.

What about sports? Activities are a blast to participate in, students in Argentina enjoy them too. Students can get involved in sports such as soccer, golf, skiing, and scuba diving. There are also clubs such as dance clubs, poetry clubs, drama clubs and more. 

Students in Argentina have the option for hot lunch. Students have complained about not having enough food for the day. Their lunches cost 42 cents. Students are served potatoes and empanadas. If they choose, they may pack their own lunch.

Many students in Argentina go to college because the tuition is free for all students!