The Dent Schoolhouse

Logan Class, News

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Haunted houses have been frightening people since 1915, when the first haunted house attraction, Orton and Spooner’s Ghost House was created. Then the haunted house business started. An example of these is “The Dent Schoolhouse” in Cincinnati, Ohio, a top 10 haunted house in America. The attraction takes place in an old schoolhouse with a gruesome history. In 1894 the school opened and it was thought highly of until there was an incident. In 1942 several students went missing, who were known for being “disruptive in class,” and the last spot that they were seen was at the school. The local authorities started an investigation and they came out with the fact that the students had all run away from the school. Seven years later there were 3 more students that disappeared, and the students at the school were complaining about a smell coming from the basement. The janitor, Charlie, told them that it was just clogged pipes. Rumors spread about Charlie have something to do with the students going missing.  This caused a mob to break through the doors of the school and go to the basement. What they saw horrified them; there were all the missing bodies of the students decaying in barrels and in the cracks of the school walls. The school was then closed and Charlie was apprehended. 


Now the school is a haunted attraction, and it is one of the highest-rated in America, being a top 13 haunted house in 2019. The feature includes a part of its dark history and the normal qualities of a haunted house. It also has a ghost tour that involves looking for the actual spirits in the building. Admission is 20-25 dollars depending on what you want to experience at the haunted school.