Mr. Hale in the halls

Fina Blain, News

CMS has a new custodian this year. Nathaniel Hales is from Utah, he moved to Cody after he got married to be closer to his family. He likes Cody, Wyoming because of the small-town feel. He is working on his degree in Computer Science at Western Governors University. Before he got this job at the middle school he was working at an apple packing plant. He enjoys working with people.

 Nathaniel explained that the worst part of his job is cleaning up throw up. If we cleaned it up after ourselves it would make his job much easier. Nathaniel enjoys going on hikes with his Akitas. (Akitas are large bear dogs from Japan.)  He would like CMS students to know that hard work pays off. His advice for Cody Middle School students is to stay in school.