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Kash Merritt, Features

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Mr. Moir has been working at CMS for the past 15 years, as a teacher/coach.

He was hired to run the ropes course, and to work in the athletic department. Mr. Moir likes to travel and drive long distances. He has visited most of the states traveling to see his children. He enjoys watching sports, and often visits ballparks whenever he gets the chance. Before he was the ropes course instructor he worked at Sunset then in 2006 transferred to the middle school. He was teaching for 11 years then heard that there was an opening for the ropes course, of course he was hired for the second time by CMS.

He discovered his love for teaching by watching his father who was a teacher. He decided right then and there when he graduated high school he would be a teacher. So once the position opened at CMS he jumped at the opportunity to return here after retiring. He loves working with people here at CMS, and looks forward to coming to work every morning.

As a kid he grew up in Montana and never really went out of state. When he started a family though he traveled to many places. He has one son in New York, another one in Los Angeles, he has another son that lives in Boise, Idaho, and one in Denver. He is now looking forward to his trip to Scottsdale, Arizona with his family for Christmas.