Toilet Talk

Mina Hensley, Features

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There are three distinct rules about using the restrooms: the ten-ten rule where one cannot leave the classroom the first and last ten minutes of class, raising your hand to leave the class,  and lastly–only four minutes of passing period to do your business.

Adelie Hall’s opinion on passing period is, “I think that the four minutes, if you hustle and manage your time wisely, you can get your “Bathroom Business” done in less than four minutes and still have time to make it to your next class.” Sydney said this about the ten/ten rule, “I think that it is an okay rule for the first 10 minutes of class, because kids just had passing period. During that time they could’ve used the restroom. I also think that it is a good rule for the last ten minutes of class because you are starting to clean up and get ready to go to your next class. Instead, I think that a better rule would be 10/5.” Colter’s opinion on the raising hand rule is “I don’t think you should have to raise your hand to leave the room.”  What is your opinion on this topic?