Cody Crossfit Teens

Ada Nelson, Features

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Last 60 seconds… You’ve got this… Push!!  Your body wants to quit, but you are so close! The only reason you’re still going is because you know that your fitness is improving and your getting stronger. Several CMS students have been able to be a part of Crossfit at Crossfit Cody. Crossfit is a well organized system meant to improve your fitness through a workout that changes everyday. Crossfit Cody was established in 2010, and was the first Crossfit gym in Wyoming.

Kelsey Pomajzl, one of the Crossfit Cody teen participants, has been doing Crossfit for 6 years. “My favorite part of Crossfit is that I get to go and workout, get fit and stay healthy.” Kelsey Pomajzl explained. There are many movements in Crossfit.   Kelsey’s favorite is the Clean because she can add weight and work on her strength. The Clean is one of many movements with a barbell. To do the movement, one pulls the weighted bar from the ground to the shoulders, in one swift movement.  

Harper Hawk, another one of the Crossfit Cody teen participants, said that her favorite part about Crossfit is when she gets to run. When asked what her favorite movement in Crossfit was Harper responded with, “ I liked them all, it was really fun!” Harper started Crossfit last summer and had a blast!

Landen Gallagher, another one of the Crossfit Cody teen participants, explained “My favorite part about Crossfit is just the learning experience and staying physically active.” His favorite movement in Crossfit is the goblet squat, a squat with weight.

For more information, go to It’s a great experience for middle school students, 3:45-4:30 two days a week!