CMS starts with a snap

Barrett George, Sports

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This Cody Middle School football season started out with a snap (of some bones that is). AJ Bauster 8th grade, broke his arm, and, Grady McCarten 7th grade, broke his foot in the Powell scrimmage this past Saturday the 7th of September. Both of them are out for the whole season as of right now. The score was not kept during the scrimmage. Hopefully this strain of bad injuries will not persist. There are two games in the first official week of the season. The first being at home against Lovell, A teams only on Thursday Sept. 12 at 5:00PM. The second in Worland against Worland both A and B teams will be playing on Saturday Sept. 14th at 9:30AM

The coaching staff this year consists of: coach Jake Tuten, the offensive coordinator for 7th grade, coach John Corbin, the offensive coordinator for 8th grade, and coach Jake Williams, the defensive coordinator for the 7th grade. Last but not least coach Rodney Miears, the defensive coordinator for the 8th grade. After being asked if football is worth the risk, Jace Jarrett says that ”Football is fun because of the risk!“. AJ Bauster, ”Yes, if you love it and love to play it is worth the risk, as long as you realize there is a risk and are ok with it.” Grady McCarten also agreed saying ”I would still play football with the risk of getting hurt.“ This Thursday there was a game against Lovell. Only 7th and 8th grade A teams played. The scores were Cody 22- Lovell 20 in the 8th grade game and Cody 44- Lovell 20 in The 7th grade game.  

Here are the rosters for both the 7th and 8th grade teams:

8th Grade


Name Number
Arthaud, Renich 90
Baggs, Taylor 87
Barton, Zachary 99
Baustert, AJ 17
Bounty, Jayden 55
Bower, Nick 56
Bullock, Dillon 54
Class, Logan 86
Contreras, Exciver 69
Cordero, Abel 92
Decker, Ryan 44
Furman, Devon 84
George, Barrett 33
Grant, Micah 28
Hinkley, Maddie 73
Hubbs, Trenton 24
Jarret, Jace 18
Lafollette, Teegan 96
Lee, Ethan 19
Merritt, Kash 36
Moss, Conner 81
Peterson, Ty 21
Prior, Brendan 70
Ray, Braydin 15
Robson, Teagan   22
Seibert, Ben 68
Switzer, Henry   53
Thompson, Caden   67

7th Grade


Name Number
Ball, Maddox 16
Barton, Logan 98
Barton, Wyatt 79
Beardall, Jarom 14
Bogardus, Logan 64
Boswell, Conner
Cheney, Adam 75
Cheney, Noah 34
Cline, Andrew 85
Contreras, Tavio 51
Duke, William 50
Gallagher, Liam 89
Hensley, Myles 10
Kingston, Caleb* 65
Loran, Lucas 59
McCarten, Grady 2
McColl, Damian 12
Mercade, Orion 57
Morris, Colter 71
Nelson, Weston 23
Ortega, Joel 13
Petersen, Owen 32
Ray, Carter 11
Scheid, Jayden 49
Smith, Trey 20
Sorenson, Warren 90
Thompson, Carter 4
Varian, Nicholas 77
Williams, Michael 63