Back to school, you know the drill

Logan Class, News

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The first day at Cody Middle School was crazy. Students roaming the halls, figuring things out, and trying to get to the places that they needed to be on time. The teachers were helping students with lockers and getting them to places they need to be. Some sixth-graders were around the hallways and classrooms trying to figure out where they need to be and what they need to do, while others are already seeming to figure things out. Students arrived into classrooms and the teachers started with how this year will look and what they expected out of the students that are in their class. 

There was an assembly to make the students feel welcome and comfortable in the first week of school on Friday. The teachers had to create a music video where they put a song and acted to it. The songs made the students understand what the teachers taught and in a funny way. All the kids went to lunch and talked with friends and had a good time. Then they all went back to learning the expectations and rules from their teachers. After the day was over, all the kids left and went home on either a bus or with their parents, feeling better, worse, or the same about the next day to come.