Heart Mountain Classic has come and gone

Ava Wollschlager, Sports

The annual Heart Mountain Classic softball tournament is always a fun event with lots of food, clothing and equipment.The concession stands have hot dogs, burgers, nachos, chips, seeds, candy, Gatorade, pop, and much more.

The most important thing though is the games with 10u, 12u, and 14u all playing teams all over Wyoming and all over Montana. The competition is great with the 14u being state champsThe 10u also being mainly a whole new team with girls who mostly just played recreation softball before. The 12u team is mostly girls who just moved up to 12u with three other girls who were the state champs the year before.

The 10u got  0-3 in pool play and won 0-1 in tournament and got last. Although, their coach said they did very good considering their pitchers and catchers have never caught or pitched in a game.The 12u got 0-2  in pool play and won 0-1 in the tournament and got last in the 12u division.  They had the game at a time until the last inning against the hardest team.The 14u won 3-0 in pool play and won 1 out of the two game in tournament. The 14u got got third in the 14u division. Overall Cody Pride did well in the tournament and have many more tournament to go.