Summer camps

Ben Seibert

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Summer is coming and summer camps are coming too. There are lots of summer camps, there are out of state camps or there are camps in Wyoming and Cody. Dano Youth Camp is one of the most popular.

Dano Youth Camp
Dano camp is a camp where you get to hike through the mountains. You go through challenges when you go to the camp. The camp lasts seven night and eight days. They may get to go hike through Beartooth, Bighorn, or Absaroka mountains. You can go through lots of rugged terrains when you are camping. You pack your own gear and carry the necessary equipment for the trip. There is a field camp is two-day camp to get to meet campers and staff, and to learn about the Dano youth camp is all about. Staff members and the campers can go through low and high ropes, and bonding activities. Boy field camp 1st Trip starts on July 14-21, 2019 and the 2nd Trip starts at Aug 3-10, 2019. Girl field camp 1st Trip starts on July 13-20, 2019 and the 2nd Trip start at Aug 4-11, 2019

We also have sports camps in Wyoming. We have Weber State Volleyball camp, And we have Bighorn Ankle & Foot Football Camp, a Little Bronc Football Camp, and we also have a University of Wyoming Junior Tennis Camp. Weber State Volleyball camp starts on June 10 – 14. Bighorn Ankle & Foot Football start on July 22-26. Little Bronc Football Camp start on July 23-25. University of Wyoming Junior Tennis Camp starts on June 3-7.