Stepping up to the Plate

Dillon Brost, Feature

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 Baseball is now beginning. All the baseball players are putting on their mits and getting ready to begin. They are practicing for their first games.


For little league baseball, the games usually happen different days throughout the week. They end before the school year ends. For legion baseball, the games normally happen on the weekends. They go through the school year and into the summertime. Trey Schroeder ( played for 9 years) is excited about Legion baseball because he is playing legion. Trey’s favorite thing about baseball is being a lefty. He thinks the season will go pretty good because there’s a lot of beginners. Conner Moss ( played for 9 years) favorite thing about baseball is getting to go on road trips or State doubleheaders at home. He is most excited about getting to play games. He plays for legion b team and thinks the season will be fun and that they will do good.  For high school baseball, the games happen at any time from the weekends to the weekdays and they go through the school year into the summertime.


The first world series was against Pittsburgh and Boston in 1903 and it was a nine-game series Boston own the game