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Macey Cranfield, News

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Many teens this summer will be at the ages of 13, 14, and 15. Around this age, teens are ready to start making money for themselves so they can do more things and start saving up for things they want.  Many teens should start work at the age of 14. Under Wyoming state law, children under the age of 14 are not allowed to work, unless in a family business, on a farm, and in domestic or lawn and yard care service. It teaches them how to stand on their own two feet and how to work and become more independent. Getting a job while being a teen prepares you for the future.  A job also teaches something that a teen can’t learn at home or school. You can learn to be more responsible, manage your finances, develop people skills, communication skills, survival skills, and prepare you for adulthood.

Jobs? If you’re looking for a job around Cody for your age here are some that might interest you…babysitting, looking after a house, dog sitting/cat sitting, dog walking, a bagger at Albertsons, mowing lawns, Dairy Queen’s front counter, McDonalds, and cleaning rooms in certain hotels. Different jobs will allow different ages to work for them and only for a certain amount of time, it depends on the job.

What CMS student thinks about getting a job this summer? Keira Jackson thinks teens should get a job because she thinks it helps them understand what life’s gonna be like when you move out of the house. She says she is going be working up at a ranch this summer and she will be working with horses. She’s very excited to be doing this because there are nice people on the ranch to work with, and her family is good friends with the owner. Keira will be getting money for working at the ranch. She imagines saving money has a lot to do with things when you’re older, like providing for your family, pets and paying off important things. She thinks the right age to get a job is around 14 years old. She thinks at this age teens should be saving their money for things their going to need around this age or when they’re older, like cars and college.  She concludes that summer jobs at this age give an opportunity to figure out to work and what it is to save up money and get out of the house and try new things out.