How NOT to Shoot Your Eye Out

Dillon Bullock, Sports

Airsoft, is it safe or not? Airsoft is a sport where you use airsoft guns which fire a small plastic b-b. Some airsoft guns can shoot those bb’s at 800 feet per second or FPS. Several airsoft incidents happen a year including people losing eyes from not wearing proper eye protection. Another issue is that most airsoft leagues in urban areas take place in buildings. With airsoft’s popularity increasing the number of injuries is also increasing.

Carter Livingston, a student at CMS does airsoft and says, “Airsoft is fun but it can be dangerous if you are not wearing the proper protection.” Carter Livingston also says that his worst airsoft injury was “ being shot in the lip and bleeding from it.” Carter usually uses a 150 FPS spring fire pistol as a sidearm and a 300 FPS spring fire ar as a primary. A spring fire is an airsoft gun wear you have to pump, pull or push a spring into place each time to fire it using a pulling mechanism or pump. There are electric airsoft guns which use a battery and CO2 which uses a small CO2 cartridge.

Amazon offers masks, mouth protection, eye protection, helmets, and vests for a relatively low price. There are also sites like Airsoft Megastore, Evike, and UK arms. There are several airsoft stores in Cody including, Wyoming Arms LLC. You can also buy airsoft guns and protection from your local Walmart store too. The average price for a mask is $25, which is a low price but can stop a disaster.