Young Authors 2019 Winners

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6th Grade Fiction

1st Place:   Quitters Never Win  by Elayna Burrell

Honorable Mention:  Running for Hope  by Addison Duncan

6th Grade Nonfiction

1st Place:  My Top Ten Pet Lizard Picks  by Tiegan Blain

6th Poetry

1st Place: Haikus of Nature by Kassi Hansen

7th Grade Fiction

1st Place: I am Me!   by Adrian Wood

7th Grade Nonfiction

1st Place:  Going Out on a Limb  by Landen Gallagher

7th Grade Poetry

1st Place:  The Creation of Classical Tap   by Josefina Blain (pictured above)

8th Grade Fiction

1st Place:  Gifted  by Nickoli Kumm

Honorable Mention:  Zee by Brooklyn Williams

8th Grade Nonfiction

1st Place:  A Backcountry Land of Oz  by Cori Gordon