Yellowstone National Park

Ben Seibert

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Yellowstone is 96% in Wyoming then 3% is in Montana and 1% is in Idaho.  Taking up 3,471 square miles, Yellowstone became the first  national park on March 1, 1872. Before park rangers the army took care of the park and its visitors. You can go see Old Faithful, Yellowstone Caldera, Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone Lakes, Upper Yellowstone Falls, Old Faithful Inn, Firehole River,  Tower falls and way more.


In 2016, nearly 4.3 million people visited  Yellowstone National Park. The following year 4.2 million visited Yellowstone national park.  In 2018 more than 4 million people visited Yellowstone. Yellowstone peak season is May through September. Prices for Yellowstone is 25 dollars for per vehicle, or you can get a 1 year pass for 50 dollars.


There are more than 200 species of animals there are more than  16 species of fish. There are 500 geysers and there are about 10,000 thermal features.  There are 45 waterfalls that are named and 100 unnamed, and more that have not been found.  Animals that can be found are bears, wolves, moose, elk, bison, badgers, otters, fox and lots more.  The lynx lives in the Yellowstone area and it is one of the rarest mammals to spot. The Yellowstone lake is  87,040 acres big. Yellowstone lake is at most 394 ft deep. The average depth is 139 ft in Yellowstone lake. There are 12 campgrounds in Yellowstone. There are 12 day trails.