Knowledge Bowl 2019

Landen Gallagher, News

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Yesterday a group of students left for Worland with the hopes of coming out on top in a ruthless competition organized for those who wish to push their brain power to the limits.

It may seem as if this competition is much to intellectually hard-core for middle school students to participate in, but honestly, the competition is basically subject related trivia.

And this year our CMS team of trivia masterminds were able to score 2nd place in the Knowledge Bowl competition in which middle schools from around Wyoming compete in a written test and multiple audible trivia rounds. Same as last year, CMS took second place due to a poor score in the written competition but were able to come out on top in the trivia rounds.

Although this will be the second year that Cody, Wyoming’s middle school team came in second place, that won’t stop them from trying for first again next year!

The students that participated in the 2019 Knowledge Bowl competition are listed below. If you see them in the hallway or around school, give them a high five and thank them for representing Cody middle school.

Eighth Graders: Ally Boysen, Micah Idema, Nickoli Kumm, and Wilkins Radakovich

Seventh Graders: Landen Gallagher, Anna Flickinger, and Ben Stewart

Sixth Graders: Sophia Radakovich