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Lacrosse started in 1636 by French Jesuit missionaries. The Europeans saw that Lacrosse was being played by the Native American’s. Jean de Brebeuf is who was the one who made up the name. Forty-six NCAA tournaments have been held. Lacrosse can be found in Australia, Canada, England, Japan, and the United States. 

Lacrosse is played with ten players on the field:  three attackmen, three midfielders, three defensemen, and one goalie.  In high school, Lacrosse game last 48 minutes with four 12 minute quarters.  Youth lacrosse games will last 32 minutes with 8 minutes quarters. College games last for 60 minutes, with four quarters with 15 minutes each. If it is a tie, the teams have sudden-victory overtime. Teams play four minutes periods until one team scored a goal.