Universal Studios, California

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Universal Studios, California

Ava Wollschlager, Interest Piece

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Location: Universal City, California

Hours: 9am to 6pm

Price: $115 per person per day

Universal Studios is a vacation you will never forget. The attractions are unreal, you can visit famous Hollywood Studios and learn about how Hollywood makes their movies. On the You also get to be apart of an explosion, a flood, a King Kong fight, you get to go through the real Grinch scene made completely out of foam. You also get to see how they make it rain in movies. P.S.: they have sprinklers on top of the street lights. You can see a torn apart plane that has been used in many movies. Jaws attacks people and folks are even chased by a murder.

Harry Potter Land is so accurate to the movies, it has a town that looks just like the movie. They sell chocolate frogs and the most famous wands — there are wand shops at every corner with tons of wands to choose from. There’s a train that brings you from one Harry Potter Land to the other and it looks exactly like the train from the movie.   Hogwarts Academy can be viewed out of the train windows with wizards and monsters, plus chocolate frogs jumping on your door. They have sample butter beer, the sorting for your house, and walk through a brick wall to arrive at 9 ¾ train stop. In one of the towns lives a fire-breathing dragon.

Universal Studios has rides for everyone, they have a minion ride, Simpsons World, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Transformers, Dr.Seuss Land, Hulk, Shrek, King Kong, Hollywood Studio Tours, Spiderman, a waterpark land, Back to the Future, Revenge of the Mummy, Looney Toons World, and Mario Kart.

Even after all of that, the food is even fun! The food is related to movies and Hollywood scenes, you can go to a restaurant and have waiters serve you on roller skates or have Frankenstein serve you food.