Valley Fair

Morgan Evans, Interest Piece

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Location: Shakopee, Minnesota


Park opens May 11, 2019

10 AM- 8 PM

Waterpark opens May 25, 2019

11 AM – 7 PM


One day $34

Two day $52

Funday bundle $44.99

Daily Parking $12.11

Wild Thing (roller coaster)

Its 207 ft. up the first hill. The first drop reaches up to 74 MPH. Riders must be 48” tall to ride this ride.

Breakers Plunge (water slide)

Two open aired 90 ft. free fall that ends in a water filled run out. If you don’t want to go alone you can race a friend to see who gets to the bottom first. Must be 48” to ride.

High Roller (roller coaster) Built in 1976 wooden roller is still the favorite for many. Top speed is 50 MPH. Riders have to be 48” to ride this ride.