Dutch Wonderland

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Dutch Wonderland

Landen Gallagher, Interest Piece

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Location: East of Lancaster Pennsylvania on a 42-acre plot of land

Hours: Typically the parks hours last from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Price: For one-day admission the park currently charges $37.99, but for a two-day flex ticket it costs $62.00. For the season passes the park charges $99.00 for the basic pass, $121.99 for the premium pass, and for the PA pass, it costs $199.00.

Dragon’s Lair-If you wish to brave the lair of the terrifying dragon by floating on naught but a hollowed out log (actually plastic, and yes, it will float) then the Dragon’s Lair attraction is just the fantasy ride for you.

Joust Family Coaster-The Joust Family Coaster is just the ride for you if bigger roller coasters seem a tad bit intimidating, for the Joust Family Coaster is simply a mini fantasy coaster for those who may not be able to handle the excitement of larger rides.

Merlins Mayhem-Accompany Merlin on a fantastic journey through Dutch Wonderland atop one of the theme parks largest fantasy themed roller coasters.