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Location: Farmington, Utah

Hours: 11 am to 10 pm

Price: Regular 64.95 Senior citizen 58.95 Youth 47.95

Cannibal: The Cannibal is a roller coaster that lifts riders 208 feet and plunges 116 vertical free fall into an underground tunnel. It has a 140-foot tall vertical loop and it has a water feature. Riders go up to 70 mph over 2,735 feet and through 3 inversions.

Catapult: The Catapult is a two-person ride. It is a ball with over 40 tons of force extensions on springs. You get shot up 196 feet in the air. You will become weightless coming back to the ground and you get shot up several times before coming to the unloading area.

Sky coaster: The Sky Coaster is a two to three person ride. Riders will get pulled about 6 feet above the ground. The flyers are then pulled aloft by a launch cable nearly to the top of the launch cable. Now the Flyers are 150 feet above the ground. When given the signal to go, the Flyers will pull the ripcord to let them go. The flyers will rapidly swing towards the ground reaching about 80 mph.