March Madness

Luke Wagner, FUN

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Every year the top basketball teams in the NCAA face off in a tournament to prove who is the most baller. The tournament starts with 68 teams and ends with only one champion. This years reigning champion is Villanova, But Duke has the number 1 seed this tournament. This doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed to win because the whole ¨Madness¨ of March Madness is the upsets.

The bracket starts off with the first round. In this round, the best teams play the worst teams but anything can happen. Last year the number one team lost to the worst team in the bracket. After that, if you win a couple of games, you move on to the famous final four. If you are victorious in the final four then you move onto the championship game. This game determines who is the best college basketball team in the world.

March Madness has a lot of crazy history and tradition. It is one of the most watched sports events in the United States. March madness is famous for having many upsets, buzzer-beaters, and heartbreaks. That is why some people say it is the most wonderful time of the year.