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Macey Cranfill

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“Hello?” Ghosting is a common thing in middle school and other places out of the school. You might be texting someone and all of a sudden they don’t answer anymore, they just leave you on read or do not even open the text. They could be acting like they care about you and your life.  Ghosting means being left on read for a long amount of time or… forever. The person doesn’t even tell you why, you can be completely cut off from their life. It’s called being ghosted because most people do it on Snapchat, the logo for Snapchat is a ghost. Its proven that more girls/woman do it then boys/men.  The most popular time to get ghosted is in the summer when you don’t see the person as much, and you don’t have to deal with them.

Christian Douglass said he had been ghosted before in 5th grade, one of his good friends left him on read for about 8 days with no explanation, then just randomly replied as if nothing happened. Christian clarified that he was annoyed by this.

Anneliese Croft has also been ghosted, it happened for about three weeks. She thinks they might have done this because they thought she was annoying but she is not really quite sure what happened. She was kinda sad about that. Anneliese doesn’t even think the person that did it realized they did.

Ghavin Vance has been ghosted by the same girl on and off through the past year. He thinks this happened because the girl started hanging out with the wrong crowd/people and just kinda forgot about him. He says it really hurts him because they have been super close friends for two years or more, and their just drifting. “It really sucks,” he says.  

Being ghosted can really impact somebody life. Many people who have been ghosted think that their the ones that did something, and it can really hurt them.




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