Swimmers hopping in the water

Dillon Brost

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Swimmers are getting ready to hop in the water. Swimmers are getting prepared for their season which began February 11th. Swimming became an Olympic event in 1896.  

The coaches for this year are Buffy Hourt-Allred, Sarah Call, and Cami Jackson.  Coach Hourt-Allred is excited for swimming to start and thinks the year will be successful. Buffy Hourt-Allred has been coaching in Illinois for 6 years and in Cody for 8 years. Her favorite thing about swimming is watching a kid from the beginning of the year progress to the end of the year and also likes the kids. Buffy Hourt-Allred was a swimmer as a kid and managed pools and taught swimming lessons. Kelsey Pomajzl also thinks the year will go good because there is a lot of kids. She has been swimming for 4 years. Her favorite thing about swimming is being with the team. 


Mayhayla Allred, Tanner Barton, Allison Boysen, Delaney Colegrove, Jillian Eakins, Issac Ellsbury, Quinn Ellsbury, Sage Ellsbury, Allie Ennist, Liam Gallagher, Sammy Geoghagen, Cori Gordon, Ian Graham, Kyle Graham, Jace Grant, Adelie Hall, Aurora Hanson, Temperance Hanson, Mina Hensley, Joseph Killpack, Peter Kim, Parker Laing, William Law, Lucas Loran, Bradley Mckenzie, Andrew Moretti, Skylar Moore, Greta Morgenweck, Elle Ortner, Val Payne, Laura Phillips, Kelsey Pomajzl, Zelma Rudd, Dominic Simon, Eliza Spencer, Aubrey Stanger, Taylen Stinson, Henry Thomas, Roan Thurmond, Megan VanderVeer, Joren Vipperman, Adrian Wood, Isaac Wood, Jackson Wood.


The oldest type of stroke is the breaststroke. Ancient drawings in Egypt of swimming date back all the way to 2500 BCE. Swimming in the Olympics started as a sport just for boys then in 1912 women could start swimming in the Olympics.