Play Ball! Sign up for Cody Pride Softball

Ava Wollschlager, News

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The crowd goes wild! Another state championship goes to Cody Pride! In the last five years Pride softball has taken home three state championships. Registration for this coming season is coming out soon. If you would like more information about softball you can contact the rec center. If you enjoyed playing REC softball or you enjoyed the softball unit in P.E maybe you should consider Pride.

Softball is a team sport, and you will spend so much time with your teammates, they will be like a second family. Tarynn Schoening said that one of her favorite things about softball is getting to meet new people and getting to play with her team. Who wouldn’t enjoy meeting new people, seeing different teams and playing with some of your closest friends?

Since this is a travel team you will get to travel to many places like Gillette, Casper, and places in Montana like Billings, Bozeman, and many others. A lot of places in which they are going to,  you will have to spend the night. So there will be lots of waterparks and pool parties. Even though it’s fun to go swimming, shopping, and hang out with friends, the real fun is playing the game of softball. So if you think that sounds fun sign up for Pride softball!