St. Valentine’s Day

Trinity Wageman

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This is Saint Valentine´s story and why he was important. He was a priest in Rome in the 3rd Century AD.  During the time Emperor Claudius the 2nd, banned marriages because he believed married men were bad soldiers. Saint Valentine believed it was unfair so he broke the law and arranged marriages in secret.

But when Claudius found out, he wasn’t happy about it, and threw Valentine in prison and sentenced him to death. Before he was sentenced to death he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. Valentine wrote her a love letter which ended in ¨from your Valentine¨.

The first Valentine’s Day was the year 496. Today Valentine’s Day is a holiday of love and kinship, where people young and old exchange cheesy cards and heart candy. So remember to care for that special someone in your life, because Saint Valentine never had the chance to.