Kids First

Morgan Evans

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CD9–Code 9, parents are here. Parent teacher organizations benefit both teachers and most of all, the students. Here at CMS we have a parent group called Kids First. Kids First was established, September 7, 2017. The Kids First group is a parent organization consisting of over 50 parents, who have signed up to be called on for any CMS staff and/or student need or activity. The main purpose of Kids First is to promote a closer relationship between Cody Middle School and home, so everyone can work together in supporting our kids and give them the best middle school education and experience. They hope for this group to benefit all associated with Cody Middle School, especially the kids.

Cody’s Kids First has participated in many events in the past including CMS registration nights, back-to-school night, first day of school-hallway helpers, class field trips, P.E. Great Race/Try-Athlon, the Halloween extravaganza, parent-teacher conference meal, and even teacher appreciation week that takes place in May. There is also a sum of money in a CMS Parent account, that CMS Kids First is manager of. One thing purchased from that money was the TV and wiring for the student hallways.

Some other things Kids First has plans to do are provide a staff meal for Parent-Teacher Conferences in March, teacher appreciation week in May, and continue to be available for any CMS student or staff needs. They also plan to reach out to the incoming 6th grade CMS parents at the elementary schools this spring, to help them be aware of parent involvement at the middle school level. Remember if you see any Kids First members make sure you thank them for everything they have done for us this school year.