Blair Brengle

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Northwest College is hosting and sponsoring the 45th Annual Showalter Music Festival. This event consists of Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, Guitar, Vocal, and Piano performer from grades 5-8. This Festival was started by Dr. Victor Showalter in 1975. He was a former Professor of Music at Northwest College.  This event will be held February 9, 2019.

Judges will rate performances by superior, good, and fair. If you receive the highest rating, “Superior”, you get a blue ribbon and a certificate. Ratings good and fair will receive a certificate. This year there will be about 60 plus kids attending Showalter from band and choir. They have been practicing for 3 months up to this event at school, in the morning, and at home.

Mrs. Bree was asked why she likes sending kids to this festival, and she said ¨It gives them the opportunity to experience the music festival form early, so they are better prepared for festival as high school musicians. It is also a way for students to hear and learn from other musicians and teachers in the area they are performing¨. Emma Conner says her favorite part of Showalter is the individuality and that you get to do what you want and express yourself. This is her first year doing Showalter.