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Nathan Peters and Christian Dudrick, News

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If you like legos and robots then robotics club could be for you. Robotics is an after school activity where students build robots and program them to do missions. The club starts a few weeks after school does. Students have practice on Friday until 5:30, but they can come in any day of the week if Ms. Denning or Mr. Conaway are available.

Talon Couture, a second year builder, says robotics is a very fun experience. He enjoys it because he gets to meet new people and make friends. Just recently the robotics team went to a meet in Casper, which was Talon’s favorite part, along with the provided food. At the meet, they programmed their robots to complete certain missions. They would then get points when their robots completed a mission.

Royce Lineberger, another student in robotics said that it’s challenging, but fun and is a great team building exercise. Both Talon and Royce plan on doing it next year. Robotics has already ended this year, but students can join it next year at the beginning of the school.

The students in robotics include:


Xo Planet: Owen Fink, Talon Couture, Riley Nielsen, Dakota Baerg, Jarrett Christler, Omar Rodriguez


Girl Power: Alicia Parsons, Abigayl Turner, Hayley Pearson-Horner, Clara Christensen, Adeline Conaway, Rory Kelly, Jillian Eakins, Sahale Allen, Valerie Foster, Charlotte Conaway


Underground Robotics: Sam Haberstroh, Royce Lineberger, Daniel Cole, Josh Reed, Owen Renfors


Mega MindStorms: Christian Douglass, Keaton Fowler, Andrew Moretti, Landon Weaver, Kael Secrest