January Enrichment Rulehouse

Dillon Bullok, Features Writer

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Building a retro video game console and Gaming PCs (Conaway)

In this class you will learn the basics of the PC (personal computer) component. Students also learn how to make a retro console from a Raspberry Pi. A Raspberry PI is a mini computer that is used for programing which is basically telling the device what to do through code. In this class students also took apart computers and took out components such as a processor and a graphics card. These components can increase and decrease the performance of the computer, so learning about this is quite important. Mr. Conaway for this class hopes that students will learn to select components, continue to use this knowledge in there life through many sources such as work, or home, and to continue learning about this topic.


The Story of Movies (Beaudrie and Larsen)

Students in this class will learn about movies and how they have impacted history and our culture as well. People in this class also learn about Cinema literacy or critiquing movies. Students in this class also watch movies from each decade including silent films, black and white, animated, and the first ever movie. Mrs. Beaudrie and Mrs. Larsen (the instructors of this class) also teach the elements of a movie to students. In this class sound effects and color changes the movies. Students also figure out the movie’s plot and show how it can be different than a book and how the opening scene affects the watcher. The two instructors of this class hope that students have gained knowledge, have had fun, and think about the things taught in this class the next time they see a movie.