New Year, New You

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New Year, New You

Blair Brengle and Trinity Wageman

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Do you have a new year resolution yet? No, ok well it’s time to think of one. There’s many different types of resolution like, get better grades, exercise more, stop watching “The Office” so much, or even help your parents more. I know it’s sad but it’s a new year so reinvent yourself make a new you! Some students have been asked about their new year’s resolutions and here’s what they have said.

Jenna Adams said, ¨I would like to improve my grades and try new thing in band, I would like to do these thing to impress my family.¨  Sara Murray also says, “ I do not make resolutions because I don’t believe in making resolutions because people do not stay loyal to them.¨  So whether or not you’re doing a New Year’s Resolution stick to it and don’t cheat yourself.

If students are having trouble with thinking a New Years Resolution here are some tips. Think of things that are meaningful to you and your peers and turn them into goals like be more productive with your school work, spend less time on your phone, and respect the teachers more. Or if you already do all of the above why don’t you and your peers make up some more personal goals like eat healthier, get better sleep, or even hang out with family more.


  1. Don’t get your teacher angry. Some teachers mean what they say, and play no games.
  2. Procrastination leads to stress and poor grades, so it’s a better idea to start your homework 30 minutes or so after you get home. Avoid being around distractions like TV, your computer, or your cell phone while you’re doing homework. Feel free to take short breaks while you’re working, but be diligent about getting back to work once the break is over.
  3. Take a little time each day to relax by yourself. Get to know yourself—middle school is a time when everyone is changing, and you’re more likely to love those changes if you are working to know yourself.

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