Mrs. Wolf

Dillon Bullock, Feature

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Mrs. Wolf, you may or may not know this figure from CMS. Mrs. 
Wolf is a paraprofessional, she supports students in classrooms around 
the building. She loves her job at CMS and plans to retire soon. Mrs. 
Wolf has been a paraprofessional for six and a half years. she has been 
a paraprofessional for 15 ½ years in this school district working nine 
years at CMS. Mrs. Wolf loves this job because she loves working with 
kids. As a paraprofessional she does not meet with many other 
paraprofessionals because she is in different rooms all the time. Mrs. 
Wolf plans to be a substitute after she retires. Mrs. Wolf has bus duty 
every morning and she works all hours except for the two lunch hours.  
Mrs. Wolf has a normal home life and only has her husband as 
family here. She loves to quilt score and and watch soccer. Mrs. Wolf 
has worked several jobs in the past, including her own soccer business, 
and working as an office manager. She volunteers for charities such as 
the Cody cupboard. Mrs. Wolf keeps books for most of CMS’s volleyball 
and basketball games, so say hello at one.