12 Acts of Kindness

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12 Acts of Kindness

Taylen Stinson, News

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This year Mr. Merager is asking the students to do 12 Acts of Kindness, the twelve being:

December 6th: Practice a random act of kindness

December 7th: Pick up litter in and around the school

December 10th: Do work for a neighbor

December 11th: Smile at everyone you see

December 12th: Write a card of thanks or encouragement to someone

December 13th: Do a chore for someone in your family

December 14th: Leave treats for the mail carrier

December 17th: Call a faraway friend/relative to say hello

December 18th: Make a point to let law enforcement, fire, ambulance or other service providers know they are appreciated

December 19th: Tell a joke to make someone laugh

December 20th: Check on an elderly neighbor and wish them a Happy Holiday season

December 21st: Leave a happy note for someone to find