RECAP on Halloween Extravaganza

Ben Seibert, News

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Halloween Extravaganza was on the 31st of October. The Halloween Extravaganza was based on a food drive– one can of food earned you a ticket to do the events.  There was an inflatable obstacle course, archery, face painting, computer lab, open gym, a dance, and two movies. The movies, open gym, and computer lab were free of cost. The obstacle course, archery, and face painting cost a ticket each time. This motivates kids to bring cans in to get more tickets to do the fun stuff. The photo booth was one ticket each picture that was displayed on the monitor as they were not printed.  

Cody Middle School had a goal of 3500 pounds of food for the food drive.  After all of the counting of the food, CMS raised 3460 pounds, 40 Pounds short.The class that brought the most cans was Mrs. Class’s class and they were the ones who cut Mr. Hensen’s hair.            

Henry Switzer did not like the Halloween Extravaganza this year he thinks it could be better with different activities. He watched a movie when the halloween extravaganza happened. He thinks it is fair that it costs a ticket for the more fun activities that were part of the Halloween Extravaganza. Brendan Prior enjoyed the extravaganza– during archery he to shot 12 times at the target. He won a a big candy bar as his prize.