The Scoop on CMS Central

Kennedi Niemann & Laura Phillips, News

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CMS has a new class, Broadcast Journalism, with the name CMS Central. This is a videotaping class with Ms. Denning as the teacher. The class has been working on making broadcasting shows just like CHS Wired at Cody High School. CMS Central has also been making shows of everyone’s different videos and putting them together to make one big video.  Some students in the CMS Central have to produce music for the show which can be challenging at times. Students also think it’s challenging to produce a video because everything has to be perfect and it takes a lot of steps. The steps of making a video include have to make a plan, write a script, film, edit, and make music for it. CMS Central’s goal is to produce two videos a month.

Every 2 weeks the A group will produce a video and the the next 2 weeks the B group will produce a video. The A group includes Hannah Holeman, Ava Meier, Emily Hecker, Jackson Wood, Jessa Lynn, Luke Wagner, Gillian Growney, and Zach Barton. The B group is McKinley Ross, Eli Prior, Ally Boysen, Richie Bates, Maddie Christler, Logan McLeod, Trey Thomasson, Sarah Cook, Emily Morris, and Evan Owen.