Staring into the Stars

Dillon Bullock, News

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CMS students are staring into the stars in the recently remodeled observatory. It is located near the end of the 8th grade wing outside. The observatory cost the school district 50,000 dollars to build. The Astronomy Club started on the 18th of October and is still going on. The teachers who run the Astronomy Club are Mr. Idema, Mrs. Carpenter and Mr. Denning.  The observatory was originally built in 1996 and the first instructors are both retired. Their names were Stan Strike and Scott Meca. Mr. Idema joined Stan Strike in the fall of 1997 establishing the Astronomy Club. The Astronomy Club was established to let students have a greater understanding of the solar system. The software was updated in 2006 by Amos Olson, Brian Reavis, and Brandon Reavis. The eighth graders use it as part of their science curriculum. The observatory has now received over 6,400 visitors!

The Astronomy Club had a meeting/open house on November 8th. The open house was on a cloudless night and had lots of activity. The purpose of the Astronomy Club is to let students use the equipment in the observatory. At the open houses they have stations with an activity related to astronomy and then the telescopes. There is an estimated 20-30 people going to the open houses this year. They remodeled the observatory because it had bad water damage. The largest event this year is a comet in december. If you want to join they have open houses once every month. The telescopes that they use are Celestron 14 inch, Celestron 8 inch, a Oryan 5 inch, and a Coronado Personal Solar Telescope (PST). Make sure to visit the CMS Observatory the next event is comet gazing on December, 13th.